Saturday, October 31, 2009

Satellite Stress

Happy Halloween! I've been pretty busy as of late. My senior project for my University is to develop and create a Cube Satellite to be launched into lower earth orbit preferably some time next year. I can't get into the details of what we're doing online, but I'm party of the R&D team for the payload, and we just have hit a bit of a snag in that further progression involves knowing a LOT of Electrical Engineering (EE), and everyone on our team is a Mechanical Engineer (ME). So I have one weekend to practically get my bachelors in all things Electrical, and report my findings to my superior. Lovely. So that's my Halloween party. Sitting in my bed with tea, a beat up lab notebook next to me, torrenting textbooks at the speed of light, and a fan blowing on me (It's ridiculously hot in my apartment)

Halloween wasn't a complete bust though. I went to a haunted house with Martha, Miakoda, Mary and Aisha about a week ago and it was terrifying! Basically, they just put you in a dark maze (and was I wearing the wrong shoes for that shit, lol), and you wander around while the employees leap out at you from random corners in really scary outfits screaming at you. So, of course, you can't help but scream back. They had automated ghosts, and I heard there was supposed to be a chainsaw guy, but I guess he was on lunch. At the end of the night, my throat was so sore! DX but it was well worth it.
We went to IHOP afterwards and practically everyone ate the Pumpkin Pancake special. So good...I shouldn't be writing about food since I haven't had breakfast yet... it's just making me hungry.