Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stress and Tests

I'm a little stressed. School usual, not going well. I just can't be bothered to care anymore. I guess after a while, it just gets tedious, beating myself up over it. Particularly since I have started this project, I just really want to do well in that. All my other subjects have taken a backseat in comparison, because most of them are about things that I have little to no interest in.

I ended up missing the International Lolita Day Winter Tea Party in NYC, mainly because I was so stressed out and running on lack of sleep (not to mention developing a cold), that I ended up falling asleep right through the time I was supposed to leave. Plus it was snowing anyway, and traveling across state lines+snow=meh, not to mention the fact that I have a Thermodynamics final on Tuesday, and I can't seem to really study at home. (I always get distracted.) so that was $40 down the drain. lame!

Ive been trying to think of ways to gain some money over break, because since my job is university based, once the university is closed, I'm off the clock until it re-opens. So that is essentially a whole month without pay. Dx I'm thinking of making some accessories and selling them but the market for that sort of thing is pretty low these days considering the economy. Perhaps I'll sell them to european girls. I've been wavering on saving for some more Lolita prints, but I feel bad for buying things when some of my friends are struggling for money, so I end up not getting anything. I am going to try to start making more things by hand, particularly since I will have more time to do it over the break (despite still having the satellite to work on).

Bodyline has a model contest open. I think I'm going to enter. I doubt I'll win, simply because I'm not white or blonde, but hey, maybe they're looking for some diversity, haha. If I did win, the prize is an all expense paid trip to Japan, and I'd get to see kei again. I haven't seen her a long time, and I really want to visit, but :/ the money issue, yet again. I wish I was born rich, lol.