Monday, October 12, 2009


I'm growing out my hair to be a huge fro. It came to me after being in Philadelphia and seeing this girl with a huge fro running down the street. It was flopping all over the place, and I just thought "I want that!" So I chopped off all my relaxed hair in January and am PATIENTLY WAITING for it to get large enough to look cool. It's taking so long though! It's already October! What I didn't realize was that it takes forever to get a fro big enough to do anything cool with, because the hair shrinks up. So in essense you could have waist length straight hair and it would still shrink up to a tiny shoulder length fro depending on the type of hair you have. Unless you blow it out, or otherwise halfway straighten it. My hair is about shoulder length straightened, and that leads to a pretty pathetic fro, so its in hiding mode for the winter. By next summer, it should be a bit bigger and I'll see how it goes then.

In the meantime, I've been looking at different blogs for inspiration so that I don't get frustrated and just straighten, or dye my hair (which I'm super tempted to, but it gets really dry in winter and I'm really lazy about spending that much time with it). I have to look at blogs because there is not that much inspiration on the street. Most people who I see are either relaxed or they have dreads. Which is kind of understandable, I'm in pixie braids right now because dealing with all that bed hair is not cool after just waking up and realizing that you have about 15 minutes to get ready and run for the school bus. But once it gets really big? FRO LITAAAAAAAA. Seriously, I love the idea of this. I get that the esthetics of Lolita are very Euro-向け but when have I ever cared about that? I want to have a large fro, wear Baby the stars shine bright and then slap a bow on the side of it. It seems that Angelic pretty actually did do something similar with their infamous "Poodle hair", and although those were actually pretty laughable, it was cool because I like the idea of big hair along with the silhouette of a cupcake skirt. It flows better, looks more interesting. In th meantime I found this awesome blog called Lecoil that shows off different people's natural hair (mostly in New York City). Inspirationnnn~