Sunday, October 11, 2009

Do Want dresses and Mori gal

There are often large amounts of time that pass while I pay no attention to what is coming out in lolita. Most of the time this coincides when I have no money. I have a bit of a spending problem, I spend when I'm unhappy, and as this is often, I think most of my lolita wardrobe was purchased in a depression.

Of course now that I'm paying attention again, the brands are coming out with cute things!
For example:Atelier Pierrot is coming out with this beauty, and I just wish I still had the amount of money I was getting when I was a co-op because this would be mine in an instant. Baby is also coming out with adorable things. I missed Vampire Requiem (;o;), but apparently Aatp which I love, is coming out with Beardsley Alice Rose:On the far right in black, of course. I find that my days of really drooling over pink and sweet stuff are kind of over. I now prefer darker colors, gothic, classic, and elegant styles over the OTT sweet. Even AP is joining in the "do want" party with their Wonder Trip Regimen (short for Regimental Stripe, I suppose):
Gorgeous! Time to save, I suppose. I'm trying to stock up on jsks and less skirts
because honestly, 90% of my lolita wardrobe are skirts and I hate blouses, so how does that work?

I looked up what morigal was today. I honestly think I was left out of the loop because I was confused. It seems to be more like bohemian? It looks nice when paired with lolita. Although to be honest, if I were to adopt it, I think I would prefer to look like I emerged from a swamp than the forest. Very Tia Dalma-esque. Ever since she appeared in that movie, I've loved how she looked. Like a colonized vaudoun priestess, which I suppose would just be yet another subcategory of goth? Who knows. All I'm saying is that I don't want to look as if I've come from just any forest if you know what I mean. It looks nice on others though. Just not me. I don't think I make a very convincing "fairy". Ha.