Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nobody wants to hear you sing about Tragedy

First post!

Today was hat day at work. Ok, It wasn't really, but I walked in to find my coworkers all sporting large sombreros. Of course I had to ask "What the fuck", and found out that the new taco bell on my campus was giving them out! This led to:

Disheveled sombrero rei (I look a mess in this lol but I don't care)

I upgraded to windows 7 today! And now none of my Fn keys work! Damn you Sony, hurry up with the drivers! Apparently they have them on their ftp site but that's a whole lot of work for just waiting 2 weeks for it to come out officially. Finally I can escape the mediocrity that was Vista Home Premium...

I think my Japanese has gotten pretty bad....I used to be very good at reading, but lately I've been reading 狼と香辛料(Spice and Wolf), but I now have to use my DS dictionary to look up a lot more words than I used to. And some of these
kanji I used to know. I've gotten very out of practice... It's kind of hard because when I read light novels I have to get into the "groove" of it? I need total silence. Or at least, total silence in English. So of course, every time I settle down to read a page, someone starts speaking to me in English, throwing me completely off. I guess my brain can only process one language at a time (particularly when I've had so little practice in it). I will admit that the DS Kanji dictionary I use now is so much better than my old Canon Electronic Dictionary, and I paid like $125 for that lol. Go figure. The ability to draw the kanji helps 10 fold, I don't have to deal with the whole "radicals" nonsense.

I actually had a pretty depressing post about the failure of a Job Fair that I attended, but I don't feel like talking about it now.