Sunday, March 7, 2010

Helicopters and cigarettes

I haven't had a cigarette in months, and I recently found a pack of unopened Malboro's in my Swimmer handbag. Due to being the reciever of some (what I would call) bad news, I decided to indulge, seeing that my roommate had left for New York for the weekend.
Ugh. I regret it immediately. Now I feel rather sick, since I haven't been used to cigarettes in a while. In any case it did what it needed to do, or rather, what I needed it to do, which was to help me think clearly. Sometimes emotion gets the best of me right when I need to be all calculating about it. I've come down to these 3 reasons of why I've been slipping into depression recently:

1. I seriously need to get laid
2. Perhaps having the majority of my friends in NYC is not a good idea
3. See number 1.

I probably should have figured this all out without the crutch, but I am very good at self-delusion. In any case, I went to the American Helicopter museum this weekend and it was pretty fun. I still get rather self-conscious in front of others but it didn't really bother me until afterward
(like it usually does). I have a bit of a complex about socializing.

The V-22 Osprey, one of the coolest helicopter/airplanes around. I'm glad I got to actually see one up close and not just in video. This one in particular was not used by the military, it was a prototype made of a different composite, but it was still awesome